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Summer Meeting July 18th
Old business -
  • Leadership Discussions
  • Account Statements
  • NJFH is planning advertisement in the NJFW Digest
New business
  • Trapping equipment discussions
  • Drafting a letter to council for review and assesment of ongoing communication regarding trapping equipment
  • Sending a Rep from NJFH to attend meetings at the National Trappers Convention
Upcoming Discussion
  • Leadership
  • Trapping Tools
  • Web Site Support

NTA REPORT from Fred Stine


Hello, everyone!  I had a great time at the NTA convention in Lima, Ohio.  NJFH was well represented.  Steve Decker and I were set up about 30 feet from Curt and the Kerns.  The weather was great.


At the Board of Directors meeting 45 states were represented.  The 2010 NTA convention will be held in Marshfield, Wisconsin.  Tentatively, the 2011 convention will be held in Columbia, Missouri.


Executive Council member Sam Smith will continue to represent NTA in Washington, DC.  The Regional Directors will take a more active role in the regional conferences and see that the state directors set up NTA booths at the state conventions.


Several states have had legislation to stop or restrict trapping.  Maryland and Connecticut have defeated theirs and Maine should have a decision (court case) by the end of September.  Also, New York is looking into snaring.


What do the following states all have in common?  Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Mississippi, North Dakota, New Hampshire, New Mexico, Nevada, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Vermont, Washington and Wyoming each have less NTA members than New Jersey!!  Thank you, people!  Keep this up!


You will be getting a call from me when your NTA membership is about to expire.  As much as NTA and FTA have done for trappers, this is the way we can support them.  You people make me proud!


I look forward to seeing you at the NJFH convention on November 1.  Stop by the booth and say hello.