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  • October 17-18 will be the trappers course in Hackettstown.  I look forward to this course every year, not only because we can actually catch fur bearers but its fun to watch the students actually learn more than the basics of trapping and snaring.
  • PERMIT APPROVED!! November 1 will be the convention at Atsion and should be another successful year!  We will need as much help for this event more than any other.  Please attend the meeting so we can lay out the days events and we can make this the best convention yet!
  • Fred Stine has been busy behind the scenes taking care of a lot of business and this makes it easier on other directors.  Fred took care of getting an add for the NJFH into the Fish & Wildlife Digest and it came out nice. Thanks Fred!
  • Andy Janson has put together a nice web site for the NJFH(newjerseyfur)!  It is still under construction but is getting better daily!  If you have a story or information you would like to add to the web site contact me, Jay or Andy.  Andy has been working hard on this and I would like to thank Andy for putting his time and energy into this website and other ideas for the NJFH.
  • So as you can see we have a lot of things going on with the NJFH and the more members that help out the better the group will be!  I hope I didn't forget anything but I hope everyone enjoys the nice weather!  See you at the meeting!  Curt

Urgent News !!!!!!
NJFH Members,

  • The cooler weather sure does feel better and gets us all thinking about trapping and other Autumn activities.  The NJFH has many plans and activities for the Fall and as always we can always use some help!
  • September 20 the NJFH will have a meeting at Roger Gravatt's Hay and Straw farm.  Roger was nice enough to open his place to us and the NJFH really appreciates his hospitality.  The address is 786 rt. 524 Allentown NJ which is very close to Assunpink but is actually easier to get to.  The meeting will start at 12:00 and will have coffee and donuts available.  The meeting will be a very important meeting because we have to plan all the events happening over the fall and winter!  Please try to make this important meeting and get more involved with the NJFH.  A letter will be sent to all members with directions  and all information about the meeting.
  • The Decoy Show in Tuckerton will be the weekend of September 26-27.  This is an important place for the NJFH to attend and talk to the public the importance of trapping in New Jersey.  It's unbelievable just how many people in NJ don't know that we still trap in this state!  We all have a fun time showing the kids (and adults) all the different furs we have on display.  If you can get the time to help man the booth just give a call!