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Traps From the Past






- by Steve Decker


Over the years there have been many different traps manufactured. For onereason or another they are no longer manufactured. Many of these traps were made in very limited numbers, while others were made in the thousands. The Stop Thief Trap, probably the most well known killer trap manufactured until the conibear trap was produced. The first Stop Thief style trap was patented by W.C. Hooker on September 25, 1888. The production model was slightly different from the patent papers. This trap was being produced by 1900 by the animal Trap Co. of Abington Illinois. The Stop Thief was advertised in a December 1902 issue of Hunter-Trader- Trapper magazine. Five different sizes were advertised:


No.1- Rats & Squirrels

No.2-Mink & Marten


No.3-Skunk & Opossum

No.4-Fox & Wolves


Oneida Community LTD. Took over the company in 1906 and started stamping  the traps *Stop Thief.* Production of these traps was stopped around 1933. Other companies have also produced copies of the Stop Thief, Foster and Jack Frost are two that I know of.

I hope this keeps your interest in old traps. There has been so many different traps that have been produced o and are still in some old barn or attic just waiting to be found!